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Max Schrems

Lupe [1]

 is an Austrian lawyer, author and privacy activist. He requested and published all data stored about him on Facebook and succesfully enforced the Safe-Harbor-Agreement [2] with a trial and court decision at the European Court of Justice. He is Chairman of the NOYB Initiative, which is dedicated to the enforcement of privacy rights. In his (German speaking) lecture on 6.5. he talks about


  "Why I left Facebook"


Max Schrems gives an overview of data protection - using the example of one of the largest online companies: Facebook. What dimensions of privacy exist? Which different cultures collide in the internet? What about Facebook privacy and what specific data priacy violations have been registered since 2011? Why can large corporations continue to break laws and how can the European fundamental right to data protection finally be enabled in practice?

The talk has been published as  video [3] on the YouTube channel of TUB innoCampus

Interesting Links

Wikipedia on Facebook [4], Friendica [5] and Diaspora [6]

Comparison of distributed social networking [7]

Spy blocker for PC and smartphone: Ghostery [8], PrivacyBadger [9], Blokada [10]

Cliqz writes to Facebook [11],  Gesellschaft für Informatik closes Facebook site [12]

This week also re:publica19 [13] will take place in Berlin!

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